10 questions with Verena von Horsten
Question: What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today? V: Live records of Leonard Cohen and Bob Marley on tapes. Listening to these live songs -as I was a child- was mind blowing to me. The sound was so full of life and freedom. I pictured a wide horizon that made me feel I could fly. And classical music by Russian composers: Most of these compositions are wild, honest, deep,dark and free. But I guess the most important fact that shaped my music was the way I was raised up: both of my parents are very much messed up. I had to follow their madness every second without saying a word. As a child I could not raise my voice against them. This led to a bunch of really sick problems that I only was able to express or somehow able to deal with doing music. There I found my voice and to say things out loud and at the same time the courage to show my vulnerability...