«ALIEN ANGEL SUPER DEATH»                                   is the second solo album by artist Verena von Horsten. It was written, produced and      recorded mostly by herself. It is a haunting musical insight into the complex   processes she had to go through after her brother Hakon died of suicide.     These ten compositions are in no way light-hearted. Her heavy synth-rock songs     as well as her omnipresent voice demand the listener's full attention. Both musically and   lyrically, the album is a passionate cry to the way our society deals with suicide and the   causes leading to it, and to the way we make these topics taboo. She lives and works in Zurich.  Songs against silence Each one of her songs is step out of darkness. Sometimes, through despair; often, empowering. Cries in reaction to the way our s ociety systematically turns away from the psychologically wounded. Verena Von Horsten's songs are the mapping of a steep fall. And a resurrection. Exactly three years ago, Hakon, Verena von Horsten's brother, died. It was his decision to leave this world. Verena von Horsten, his sister, the artist, remained. And in her, a vast amount of questions. How many decisions are made, until a human being only has this very last one left? The decision not to look when someone weeps, not to hear when someone calls for help, not to ask questions when someone disappears into themselves and then from the world. And then the reoccurring and unbearable question of her own guilt. The painful travels back to her own childhood. Paralysis. Self-mortification. . Verena's journey through dark territories is a long one. She was sexually abused as a child and then abandoned. Instead of finding help, she was faced with silence. That wall of silence was also what she dealt with after her own suicide attempts. Then the death of her brother occurred. This meant much more than the loss of the person she related to most closely. For Verena, it was a complete collapse of all vital functions, and, ultimately, a full surrender to the collective refusal to talk. As Verena von Horsten's will to survive after her brother's death reached it's breaking point, it was not the end she found, but a beginning. Music was there again, as a language, as her own voice, as an embrace. And it allowed both healing and order to appear. Verena von Horsten raises her voice for many. For the silence of all those dead and for all those who are still alive but are not heard. She does it loudly and with insistence. Quiet and fragile. She sets fire to the walls of silence and sings monsters to sleep. Verena's voice points out the wounds, small and large, we all have. She gives them names, to make it possible to talk about them. What Verena von Horsten evokes through these ten songs here is, simply put, life. Power. Each one of these ten synth-rock pieces has the grandeur of a hymn. For these songs, silence is not in order. They are too scarred, too bare, have traveled too far. They are massive, they take up huge amounts of space and are crying to be heard. Verena von Horsten is done with silence. Her new album is called "Alien Angel Super Death“. This is no light-hearted invitation to talk. It's a loud summon for us to communicate with each other. "Because here, among us, every day, people die in silence. «My brother took his life three years ago today. It's time to talk.»